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This site houses a collection of projects (academic publications, personal projects), and blog posts.

My primary academic interests include machine intellegence and robotics. While I am currently a full time student and athelete, I spend my summers doing research. I am currently working with the RVL lab, and have contributed to the ASRL lab lab. I want to tackle some of the big problems in robotics and machine learning, and hope my work has an impact outside of the world of academia. I try to work from first principles in everything I do.

I have a passion for rock climbing (bouldering specifically), and have been a national-level competitive climber for the majority of my life. In between my training sessions, I study Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.

If you want to start a conversation, you can reach me at my email, or any of the little social icons above. Here is my CV if you are interested.

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